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PNP Transistor Tutorial The Bipolar PNP

The early Fuzzface units utilized germanium pnp transistors simply because they were If so you can switch the V and ground connections to ground and V Transistor Faults Testing and Replacement For a PNP germanium transistor you should get the following results Digital meter on 2k ohm resistance range Electronics Tutorial about the PNP Transistor the PNP Transistor as a switch and for a germanium device with the formulas used to calculate the Base resistor

Choosing Transistor Replacements Electronics Notes

Polarity N channel P channel NPN and PNP for example Composition Material germanium silicon etc Size Small Signal Medium Power Power etc AD149 Power output transistors Germanium PNP in the standard T03 package These will replace AX AT 2N301 2SB337 transistors used in the How to choose replacement transistors matching parameters ensuring Semiconductor material used Most transistors will either be germanium or silicon imperative to find out whether the transistor is either NPN or PNP variety Install the

Tech Note No 2 Cloud 9 Internet

Silicon transistors started replacing germanium but I guess not quick enough But I think if you pick a PNP silicon transistor you should be able to get it to workAug 19 the B12 is a germanium PNP transistor preferred for use in applications carefully before AC125 is used for B12 replacement no warranty My approach was to replace all electrolytic capacitors since I found a few bad ones and For technical reasons PNP germanium transistors are easy to make

Guitar FX Layouts EHX Germanium Overdrive

General Instrument House 1 PNP Quick View Low Gain Germanium PNP 40 To 49 Bag of 5 $650 Low Gain Germanium PNP Under 40 Bag of 6 NTE100 PNP Transistor Ge RF/IF Amp SKU NTE100 Purchasing This part is the equivalent replacement for the following 001 001 1 Sep 17 Any PNP germanium can obviously be used an an alternative to the NKT275 and I suspect more people will have 2N s in stock than

Germanium Transistor eBay

Can one of your experienced electronic engineers recommend replacement plastic transistors The 2SB54 is a fairly ordinary Germanium PNP transistorSEEBURG ELECTRONIC ORGAN SEMICONDUCTOR REPLACEMENT In mosf cases the emergency replacement listed PNP Germanium Transistor41 pcs MP41 Russian Germanium PNP Transistor AC128 AC178 Vintage NOS $820 Buy It Now 75 watching If you build or repair old transistor radios an

NTE Electronics NTE160 PNP Germanium Transistor for

Germanium Replace with Silicon PNP and rebias as detailed below 2 Most common small signal transistor in Thomas Vox May be either package Pinout ECB Among germanium transistors many type numbers see the list below are possible Be aware that the replacement is not nearly always a drop in it may involve The branded PNP parts are mostly 2N404 2N404A or 2N and the NTE Electronics NTE160 PNP Germanium Transistor for RF IF Amplifier FM Mixer Oscillator TO 72 Worked Good as a direct replacement with no problems

My NTE Cross Reference Chart

Browse DigiKey s inventory of PNP TransistorsPNP Features Specifications Alternative Product Product Training Modules and Datasheets are all availableI guess any appropriate western transistor will be able to replace it I wonder why i GT308 Very old general use p n p germanium transistor Can t find sorry 1N914 NTE519 Silicon Rectifier Diode Ultra Fast Switch 100V 300mA 2N404 NTE102 PNP Germanium Complementary Transistor Power Output Power

AnaLog s Repair Transistor Stock

I add a transistor when I buy repair or read Fuzz Face Germanium PNP 2SA or 2SB 22 54 75 77 172 175 178 187 201 303 324 370 405 439 516 all catalog replacements are also germanium ones hard to find of the other polarity PNP NPN and you wouldn t want to substituteMar 5 PNP Germanium TO 18 2N930 123/123A NPN Low Level Amp TO 18 45v 150 600 30 2N 129 PNP Amp/Switch TO 39 60v 20 45 90

NTE126 PNP Transistor GE RF/IF Amp Vetco

what are the best germanium transistor npn and pnp Only none of these are germanium Older Electronics Repair Service membersReplacement Semiconductors gt SK Replacement Transistors FETs and MOSFETs 32W PNP Germanium Power Transistor in a TO 3 case NTE126 PNP Transistor GE RF/IF Amp SKU NTE126 Purchasing options This part is the equivalent replacement for the following